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2024 Tryouts

Sunday, November 13th
2 PM - 5 PM

Crocker Amazon Field #4
1645 Geneva Ave, San Francisco

Saturday, November 19th
10 AM - 1 PM

West Sunset Fields
2100 39th Ave, San Francisco


How long is the Falcons season, and what will the practice schedule look like?

The 2022-2023 season will look slightly different from last season. The "regular season" will be approximately 7 total games from March to May 2023, with at least three home games. Championship Weekend will likely be the first weekend in June.  

The team will be selected by Thanksgiving, and the first and only 2022 practice will be December 11 in SF.

In 2023, there will be two weekend practices and one weeknight practice in January, then two weekend practices as well as two weeknight practices in February.  During the regular season, players will be expected to attend weekly pod workouts. 

Aside from practices and the games, what else is expected of a player who is signed by the Falcons?

As the Falcons' success is partly dependent on its ability to engage with the broader community, signed players will be asked to attend or participate in approximately 3-4 community building events during the season. 

Do I have to be available for EVERYTHING to join the team?

No. The league has set a max of 21 players who can be rostered for any given game. The Falcons expect to roster approximately 30 players, which means NOT EVERY PLAYER CAN PLAY IN EVERY GAME.  The reason is twofold - (1) cost, and (2) because we recognize that you're still people with lives.  tl;dr: you don't have to make everything, but attending practices is a great way to get rostered for games.

What do I get if I make the team?

In addition to the ability to play with top players across the Bay Area, and be coached by experience and decorated coaching staff, the Falcons will pay for the costs for you to play frisbee!  Players should expect to have their travel costs (arranged by the team) and jerseys/gear paid for by the team. The Falcons will also be providing each player a small stipend, and players who make the roster will have their tryout fee refunded.

What is the cost to tryout?

The tryout fee is $10, regardless of whether you can attend both days. 

What are some differences between the WUL and USAU rulesets?

Two of the biggest differences is that the field is longer - 80 yards in length - and the stall is SEVEN (7) seconds.

So who are you looking to sign?

The WUL was founded on a desire to showcase a semi-pro model of the sport through the lens of women and non-binary athletes. The Bay Area has a wealth and depth of talent, but we are looking for players who are committed to helping us build a sustainable and inclusive model for professionalizing the sport. 

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