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Our Mission

Established in 2020, the Falcons are a Professional Women’s and Non-Binary Ultimate Frisbee team based out of the Bay Area, CA.  


Our mission is to showcase and highlight our fan-friendly and exciting sport to folks of all age groups and genders and build community partnerships with organizations that support women, trans and nonbinary athletes.

Our Team

The Bay Area Falcons are affiliated with the Western Ultimate League (WUL) and compete against other West Coast-based teams in the Spring (March to June).


In addition to competing for the WUL title, the Falcons host skills clinics, recreational tournaments, youth events, community workshops, and more.

Our Sport

Ultimate Frisbee—or simply “ultimate”—is one of the fastest growing sports in the country. 


Ultimate is a non-contact, largely self-refereed team sport played with a flying disc frisbee. Combining the non-stop movement and endurance of soccer and basketball, with aerial passing skills of American football, the object of the game is to score by catching the flying disc frisbee in the opponent’s end zone. 


Though only invented in 1968, the International Olympic Committee officially recognized the sport in 2014 as it is now played in 100 countries throughout the world.

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